HTML5 / Mobile convergence

Firefox OS is a very interesting initiative from Mozilla. I think it’s indeed a very good way to make development for mobile easy: everything is HTML5 / JavaScript applications and play together to reach the device components (GSM chipset, memory, etc.)

I have wondered how it notifies things to the mobile device. I found the Notification Web API. And my day become very bright :)

With some luck, the notification will be enabled by default, like localStorage stopped asking authorization from the user last year. And then a whole new world of mobile application will appear.

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About the importance of failure reporting

For this first entry about “What did I learn today?”, I started to write an article about a problem I met with Rails UJS events never thrown on a button_to tag. I took the time to describe the setup of the problem, my different tests, and the (dirty) solution which was to bind the callback on document and filter on the form selector instead of binding directly on the form selector. Then I describe my suspicions that button_to was a bad player and it changes the DOM after the load of the DOM.

Thinking that on the fly didn’t bother me. But writing it… Immediatly a full stack of events triggered in my mind: I worked in the admin of that soft, it’s an old crap with some legacy JS written in PrototypeJS, I’m not the one who setup the jQuery files here: does that person kind enough to wrap all jQuery files into a $(document).ready() callback?

You get the answer: no.

So, reporting a problem into a “what did I learn today” post let me learn right about a problem I get wrong on the first look.

And so I enhanced that old scrappy javascript stack.

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Misère numérique

Je ne voulais pas que ça arrive un jour. Même si je me doutais bien qu’un jour…

Le cancer l’a emporté. 52ans. Un oncle par alliance. Pas particulièrement proche, mais j’aimais bien ces Noêl passé à profiter de sa cuisine. Une vie un peu étrange, mais au fond, c’est son choix. Dur d’exprimer ce qu’on ressent. Pas possible d’en parler à ses parents, qui viennent de perdre leur quatrième et dernier enfant. Trois mots avec sa nièce, ma femme. La seule façon que j’ai trouvé de m’exprimer, avant de l’acompagner à sa tombe, a été de prendre une photo de chandelle, fond noir, et de la placer sur son mur, juste après des voeux de nouvel an et de grande santé… Ironie du sort… Et misère numérique.

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Transitional shutdown very soon


Long time no see, hum?

The stack serving this blog need a *big* refreshment and updates, so it's possible this blog won't be accessible some days.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



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