Donebox: shameful promotion

Last august, I put on github the marvelous to-do list manager (using RoR1) written last year by Marc-André Cournoyer (who released thin v1.0, great job, guy!). I just named: donebox (truly, the best to-do list manage EVER).


At this time, my only objective was to adapt it for Ruby on Rails 2.0 and fix a behavior or two. Now, I want to enhance donebox to open its horizon.


Here the main ideas:

  1. Move categories as a Model to add useful features as sorting, hiding, etc.
  2. Add hooks or plugin capabilities to permit non-intrusive extensions
  3. Develop greats plugins for every body use

Here my github donebox (work great on RoR2 now), and my redmine instance to organize that.


Of course, I’m open to every suggestion to enhance it.


BTW, a great THANK YOU to Marc-André Cournoyer, his work is just marvelous.

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  • par ook 01/10/2008 à 08h25

    Very happy to know you endorsed my plans. Thank you for every piece of code you share with the community!

  • par macournoyer 01/10/2008 à 02h22

    Hey ook! thx to you for keeping that project alive. I like your ideas!

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